Email your MP: Stand up for Palestinians facing persecution and our ability to campaign in their support

Israel's brutal attack on Jenin was the biggest military incursion in the West Bank in two decades, leaving hundreds injured and 12 people killed, including 4 children. Over 500 families were displaced from their homes in Jenin refugee camp, particularly distressing given that they are all families who have already been displaced in the Nakba.

Palestinians, like any other oppressed people, have the right to call on people of conscience to take action to end complicity in their oppression. And public bodies, whether local councils or universities, must have the ability to answer that call.
This is under threat because of the government's proposed anti-boycott bill, and that's why it must be opposed.

A cross-party group of MPs has tabled an Early Day Motion reaffirming this principle to demonstrate parliamentary opposition to the government's anti-boycott bill and support for Palestine. Write to your MP and ask them to please sign Early Day Motion 1415.