End Israel's bombing and killing - act to uphold international law

Dear Mr Cameron

Please urgently take action to end Israel’s bombing and killing of Palestinians, and act to uphold international law and justice for all.

We are horrified that yet more bombing raids are targeting 1.7 million Palestinians trapped under siege in Gaza, and shocked at the wave of racism and violence targeted against Palestinians. Following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli youth, Israeli leaders incited racism and hatred. Benjamin Netanyahu called for revenge and described Palestinians as ‘human animals’.

For decades, successive Israeli governments have violated international law and Palestinian human rights with impunity. The result has been death and destruction on a massive scale. It is time for justice.

We are asking you to urgently:

  • Tell Israel it must end its military assault, and that its leaders stop incitement of racial hatred and violence.
  • Impose sanctions upon Israel until it upholds international law and ends its illegal occupation, settlements and colonisation
  • Enforce the rights that Palestinians are entitled to under international law – and protection from Israel’s war crimes and human rights violations – including supporting Palestine’s application to join the International Criminal Court 
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