Suspend the EU Israel Association Agreement

The EU cooperates with Israel to an extent well beyond that offered to any other non-European nation. Agreements allow Israel privileged access to the EU scientific, academic, research and technical programmes, and extensive EU-Israeli cooperation and integration in many important sectors. As a result of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, Israel is entitled to €14 million over the next 7 years in “financial cooperation” funds.

The framework for this cooperation – the EU Israel Association Agreement -  is meant to be dependent upon Israel and the EU abiding by the human rights clause 2 contained within it. Yet, Israel clearly breaches that agreement everyday in its colonisation of Palestinian land and its violent occupation of territory and suppression of the Palestinian right to self-determination.

In recent weeks Israel has killed more than 2,100 Palestinians and destroyed civil infrastructure in Gaza. Israel’s scale of killing in Gaza, including the targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure makes continued cooperation with Israel on this scale, legally, politically and morally untenable.

As Israel's most recent massacre in Gaza shows, the EU has failed to treat Israel in the way that it treats other states that systematically violate international law and commit war crimes. The EU allows Israel to act with impunity.

We call on the British Government to push for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement until we see Israel abide by the human rights obligations contained within its agreements with the EU 

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