Help save Al Arakib - save this bedouin village from destruction!

Help save Al Arakib! 
Act Now to save this indomitable Bedouin village from destruction
Al Arakib must not fall

The Arab Bedouin village of Al Arakib just north of the Israeli city of Be’er-Sheva has been destroyed more than 60 times since July 2010, and each time the villagers have rebuilt their homes, determined to stay on their ancestral lands, despite the physical and emotional hardships.

On May 21 2014 the remaining residents living in a compound that includes the historic village cemetery, received eviction orders stating that within just one month (June 12-July 13 2014) they must leave the village or be evicted by force. The orders include those no longer alive and people who have left the village.

The residents of Al Arakib lay claims to the lands on which their village is built and from which they were first evicted after the establishment of the State in the fifties. Their land claims are still before the courts and have yet to be decided.

During the last four years the non-violent resistance of Al Arakib has become a symbol of the Arab-Bedouin struggle against Israeli government plans to forcibly concentrate its Bedouin citizens in government “planned” townships and to demolish 35 so-called unrecognized villages , whose population numbers in the thousands. . Al Arakib must not fall! Please act now to prevent an eviction that will set the Negev aflame.

To: Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu
Mr Gideon Sa'ar, Minister of the Interior
Mr Yair Shamir, Minister of Agriculture
Mr Yitzhak Aharonovitz, Minister of Internal Security

We demand that the eviction orders issued on May 21 2014 against the residents of Al Arakib be rescinded and that the sanctity of the cemetery compound be respected in accordance with Jewish and Muslim law. We demand that the villagers be permitted to remain on their ancestral lands, and to pursue their agricultural lifestyle as a recognized village in Israel. The Bedouin are Israeli citizens: please let them live in freedom and equality.

The Coalition for Al Arakib
The Negev Coexistence Forum
The Recognition Forum

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