Lobby the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond

The village of Umm el-Hiran in Israel faces immiment destruction to make way for a Jewish-only settlement. Why are they being subjected to this treatment? Although they are Israeli citizens, and should be accorded their full set of rights, they face discrimination and destruction because they are Palestinian Bedouin. 

20% of Israel's population is Arab; some 220,000 are the Bedouin Israeli citizens of the Negev in southern Israel.  Some 90,000 of them live in agricultural villages. They are full Israeli citizens but the state has refused to recognise their villages, which are not shown on maps or regional plans. Instead Israel is trying to force the Bedouin to relocate into urban “townships” and free up the land, for instance to build new Jewish-only villages, or for the planting of forests by the Jewish National Fund (JNF). At least 30,000 Bedouin face forced displacement. 

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