Home demolitions

You may have heard of the Bedouin village of Susiya in the West Bank which is constantly under attack from settlers and from the Israeli army who regularly go in and demolish their homes and animal shelters.  A few miles away in the northern Negev (the English name for the arabic Naqab desert) on the other side of the Israeli apartheid wall is the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran which faces imminent demolition to make way for a planned new village for Jewish Israelis only. 

The only thing that is likely to stop the Israeli forces sending the bulldozers in is if there is international protest on a sufficient scale, especially protests from European governments.

The UK Government has made “representations” about Susiya and, after at first dismissing it as a “planning matter”, has expressed “concern” over the threat to Umm al-Hiran. We don't think this is enough.

Only stronger international protests will help stop the demolition of these two villages.