MP Action on Gaza

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The crisis in Gaza has not disappeared. Since weekly peaceful protests began on the 30th March 2018, Israel have killed at least 166 Palestinians and wounded a further 18,000.

Despite the recent massacres of unarmed demonstrators - including medics, journalists, and children - the UK continues to send weapons to Israel. Since 2014, the UK Government has approved over £490 million worth of arms exports to Israel, including millions of pounds worth of small arms and components for sniper rifles, assault rifles, and other weaponry currently being used to brutally repress Palestinians.

We are lobbying hard for Parliamentarians to take meaningful action to end the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza and to stop UK complicity in arming Israel. With this in mind, we are organising a briefing session for MPs to attend - but they will only do so if they think this is an important issue for their constituents!

Please contact your MP to let them know Gaza matters.