London Mayoral Candidates - Stop DSEI

IMPORTANT: Please only take this action if you are in Greater London. If you are outside Greater London and wish to take action, please write to the Secretary of State for International Trade, asking the Government to end all support for DSEI.

In September 2021, Defence and Security Equipment International, the world’s largest arms fair, returns to London. At DSEI, weapons and military technology will be marketed to representatives of repressive states fuelling racism and injustice.

The London Mayor has a platform to protest against this heinous event taking place in our city.

We are therefore asking candidates in the May election to commit, if elected, to:

  1. Publicly state that DSEI is unwelcome in the city and runs counter to the values of City Hall.
  2. Use the Mayor’s discretion to recover the costs of policing the event from DSEI’s organisers.
  3. Commit to do everything in your power to stop DSEI from returning to London.


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