Right to Boycott: MP Lobby Day chaser message

(This action is for people who have already requested a meeting with their MP, but had no response. If you haven't previously written to your MP about the Right to Boycott Lobby, then please follow this link instead.)

Sending this letter commits you to attending Parliament in London on Wednesday 22nd March. Please check your availablilty for that day before sending!

The purpose of the Lobby Day is to show our strength in Westminster, so the priority is for constituents to be physically in Parliament if possible. Only where it is not feasible to arrange a meeting with your MP on this day should an alternative request for a meeting in your MPs constituency office or online be made. 

Fill in your postcode below to register and ask your MP for a meeting. You will receive a comprehensive briefing pack ahead of the actual Lobby Day, and more information about the Right To Boycott campaign can be found here.