Stand for justice and #deactivateAirbnb.

Airbnb is choosing to continue listing apartments for rent in illegal Israeli settlements. These properties are built on stolen Palestinian land and are considered war crimes under international law. By doing business in these settlements, Airbnb is directly promoting discrimination, oppression, and injustice against an entire people.

TAKE ACTION (3 Simple Steps)
  • Deactivate your Airbnb account by following this link. Take a photo and tweet your screenshot with #deactivateAirbnb
  • Join the twitterstorm between 6-8pm (sample tweets below). Use hashtag #deactivateAirbnb
        .@Airbnb @bchesky You're either for equality or not. You announced a delisting of illegal Israeli settlement rentals and have now backpedaled, allowing rentals on the ruins of Palestinian lives and land. #deactivateAirbnb
        Palestinians can't return to stolen land that Airbnb allows settlers to rent out. Join us in telling Airbnb that they are renting out #stolenhomes @Airbnb enables continuing Nakba. @bchesky #deactivateAirbnb
        Palestinian human rights groups call on like-minded humanitarian NGOs to reject funds from Airbnb. Airbnb announced they would not take fees from rentals in the occupied West Bank and instead donate them. This is dirty money from #stolenhomes #deactivateAirbnb
          Palestinians can’t live there, so don’t go there. @Airbnb rents on stolen land. #deactivateAirbnb 
  • Send an email to Airbnb’s CEO using the template message below
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