Email Warwick University to support their decision to not adopt the IHRA definition

Public bodies have been under huge pressure from the Government, and lobbying by pro Israel groups, to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

PSC, amongst many other groups, have spoken repeatedly about how the IHRA is being used to prevent Palestinians bringing the facts of their dispossession into the public domain, and to curtail the rights of those who wish to campaign on behalf of Palestinians. I wrote about all of this earlier this month. 

The Vice Chancellor at Warwick University announced 2 weeks ago that the University would not be adopting and is now being heavily lobbied to reverse this decision. Academics at Warwick have written an open letter calling on the Vice Chancellor not to reverse his decision, and students have asked for public support for this campaign.

Will you take the time to send a letter to the Vice Chancellor supporting Warwick staff and students in upholding the right to advocate for justice for the Palestinian people at Warwick university. Lets make sure the voices of Palestinians are not silenced.
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