Tell Liverpool City Council: Don't host arms fairs at your venues!

It is welcome that Electronic Warfare Europe, which was due to take place at the council-run ACC Exhibition Centre in November, has been cancelled after pressure from a large groups in Liverpool.

However, it is extremely disappointing that the cancellation has come from the event organisers, not the council. Instead, the council has refused to respond to large coalition of groups in Liverpool, who had been calling for the event’s cancellation on the grounds of human rights.

We are therefore asking you to write to the Liverpool City Council cabinet to call on them to confirm that no arms fair will take place at a council owned venue in the future, and to implement a robust ethical events policy.

  Mayor Joe Anderson
  Deputy Mayor Wendy Simon
  Councillor Lynnie Hinnigan
  Councillor Sharon Connor
  Councillor Barbara Murray
  Councillor Liz Parsons
  Councillor Laura Roberston-Collins
  Councillor Paul Brant
  Councillor Barry Kushner
  Councillor Pam Thomas
  Councillor Gary Millar

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