Tell the UK Government: support Palestinian NGOs under renewed attack

In the early hours of 18 August 2022, Israeli armed soldiers raided the offices of seven Palestinian human rights organisations, including close partners of the PSC. Soldiers ransacked their offices and confiscated critical equipment and files.

Six of the targeted organisations had also been criminalised by Israel in October 2021. The renewed attack on some of Palestine’s most significant civil society organisations is cause for major alarm. It creates an immediate risk for their staff members, and leaves Palestinians more vulnerable to continuing violations of their rights. It shows also that Israel is testing the boundaries of how repressive it can act without facing consequences from the international community, including the UK.

Our Palestinian partners need our solidarity, and have asked us to press the UK government to actively support Palestinian human rights defenders, and to condemn Israel for its repression, including through sanctions. Write to the foreign office to deliver this urgent message.

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