Email your MP: Permanent Ceasefire NOW!

It only takes 2 minutes. Don't worry if you've not written to your MP before, you don't need to be an expert... but just a few words from a constituent like you really helps. You'll be adding your name to the 350,000 emails already sent to MPs demanding they call for a #ceasefireNOW using our previous e-actions.

THIS IS WORKING. More and more MPs are calling for a ceasefire every day... but it's not enough. Please help keep the pressure up by sending a letter to your MP today, even if you've already written before.

As of 23rd November, Israel’s bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip has killed over 14,500 Palestinians - over 40% of whom are children. Over a million people have been forcibly displaced, nearly half of Gaza’s entire population. Nowhere in Gaza is safe; residential buildings have been levelled, UNRWA schools sheltering the displaced have been hit. 

International scholars and Palestinian human rights organisations are warning of the possibility of genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Urgent action is needed for a permanent #ceasefireNOW.

Demand your MP supports a permanent ceasefire and a lifting of the siege on Gaza.  

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