King's College London: Drop your partnership with Technion

As we look to rebuild after the coronavirus pandemic, we should aim to create a world based on solidarity, justice and respect for human rights. King’s College London must play their part in this by ending their partnership with Technion – Israel Institute of Techology, which is directly complicit in grave violations of Palestinian human rights.

Technion are intimately linked with the Israeli military. They have played a key role in developing technology and equipment used to oppress the Palestinian population. For example, Technion developed the remote controlled D-9 bulldozer which was used by the Israeli military during Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s 2009 ground invasion of Gaza, which killed 1,400 Palestinians, the vast majority of which were civilians. These bulldozers are now routinely used to demolish Palestinian homes, factories, agricultural land and civilian infrastructure, including water pipes and networks on Palestinian territory assigned by the UN.

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