Email your MP to support the ICJ case on genocide against Palestinians

The UK government must support the ICJ case to prevent further genocidal violence against Palestinians. Send an email today.

Since October 2023, Israel’s attacks on the already besieged Gaza Strip have killed tens of thousands of Palestinians, a sizable proportion of them children. Thousands are still missing and buried under the rubble of the homes, hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure targeted in Israel’s bombing attacks.

South Africa has filed a case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) concerning Israel’s violations of the UN Genocide Convention in its attacks on Palestinians in Gaza. The case file includes a request for provisional measures to urgently prevent further genocidal acts, namely an immediate ceasefire and lifting the siege on Gaza to allow humanitarian and medical supplies in.

As a signatory to the UN Genocide Convention, the UK government has a responsibility to take action to prevent and punish actions of genocide in war and in peacetime.

Take action-write to your MP and tell them to press the government to support South Africa's case, and to urgently support the provisional measures to stop the unfolding genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

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