Write to the Foreign Office: Israel's war on Palestinian children

Roughly half the population in the Gaza Strip are children. Like adults, they have been subjected to the same brutal Israeli attacks that have already killed over 31,000 Palestinians, 70% of whom are women and children.

Palestinians are currently starving as Israel blocks much needed aid reaching them, and children are at highest risk from these conditions. Doctors have been forced to amputate limbs from bombed kids, even without having access to anaesthetic or pain relief. Thousands have been killed, with many more orphaned or losing multiple family members.

The British government’s response has been shameful. Rather than holding Israel to account for its war crimes, the government has suspended funding to UNRWA over unsubstantiated allegations made by Israel. UNRWA is the primary agency providing food aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and the organisation responsible for the education of 543,057 Palestinian children. In the past weeks, the EU, Canada and Sweden have all resumed aid to UNRWA. Now Britain must do the same.

Please take 2 minutes to help change this. Your voice matters putting pressure on the government.

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