Email your MP - Stop Arming Israel

On the 30th March 2018 Palestinians launched the “Great Return March”, a peaceful series of demonstrations reaffirming the Palestinian right of return – as enshrined by international law – and protesting against the inhumane living conditions caused by a decade long illegal blockade of Gaza. This has been a protest supported by a broad range of Palestinian organisations and with vast grassroots support.

The Israeli government responded to unarmed civilian protestors with violence, and has continued to do so since demonstrations began. Israel has killed more than 250 Palestinians and injured a further 27,000. Among the dead are medics, such as 21-year old Razan al-Najjar who was shot while tending to other wounded demonstrators, journalists, and children. Palestinians have been shot while posing absolutely no threat to Israeli civilians or military personnel – and often from a considerable distance.

Despite these crimes, and in contravention of its own guidelines, the UK continues to supply Israel with the weapons used to repress Palestinians. Please write to your MP to ask them to support the growing call to suspend the UK-Israel arms trade. It is completely unacceptable that British weapons are being used to brutally suppress Palestinians demanding their fundamental rights.

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